First of thanks for your interest in TOPSoccer. There are many ways you can help us out. Here is a list of some but not all ways you can help

Peer Coach: A Peer Coach is an invaluable volunteer who participates directly with individual players or within a team with several players to enable participation in a soccer activity. A Peer coach is not a player and does not score goals. They help the
player succeed and keep them as safe as possible. Peer Coaches can be a same-aged peer, a teenager or an adult. They can be a soccer player, someone who works with special needs children or someone who has no soccer experience, but a strong desire to enable children to have fun

Coaches:We have created a coaching staff of local coaches that have a desire to teach the game of soccer to anyone wanting to learn. They have coached or played the game of soccer throughout the area and want to share their wisdom and passion for the game with our players. They have been through training and if you are a local soccer coach or player interested please contact Tony Schroeder. We are always looking for assistant coaches to help the coaching staff. They will be assigned to a team and help the coach with the drills, working with the players, and anything else needed at the time. The assistant coach doesn’t need to have soccer experience but a desire to help the players have fun.

Volunteers: Someone that wants to help but can’t make the commitment to be a buddy. They will help with the set up of anything before practice. This could include but not limited to sign up, tents, water area, and practice equipment. During practice they will help with transition of games and water breaks, watching over the players to make sure they are safe, and an other needs.

Corporate Supporter:If you are a company looking to help out a good cause with finincal, equipment, or anything else please contact Tony Schroeder for information. We are a 501c non profit organization.

Tutoring: Most of the players coming into our organization have never played soccer before so we have to teach them the vocabulary of soccer like basic terms like dribbling, shooting, passing, tackling, etc.  The more advance players have to learn the rules of the game as well as terms like kick-off, offsides, goalkeepers, corner kick, goal kick, etc.  This is a large part of the players learning the game and the rules so they can play in a game.

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